Car Breathalyzer Devices also commonly referred to as Breath Alcohol Ignition interlock Devices (BAIIDs or IIDs) have a small tube that you blow into to submit a breath sample. You must blow hard enough into the device to get an accurate reading. If you do not blow hard enough, the device alerts you, and you must continue to submit breath samples until the device alerts you that your sample is adequate, all the procedure takes less than one minute.

IIDs are also designed to log the results of your breath samples, the amount of time you operate the vehicle, any attempts to disable or circumvent the device, and the dates that you have the device serviced. Camera ignition interlocks will also record a photo of you as you take the test for identification purposes (IF IS REQUIRED). IIDs are designed to download the data which is then provided to the monitoring authority of a jurisdiction in either a printed or electronic format. This data is downloaded from the device by the service provider that installed it at regularly scheduled service appointments. The service provider may also calibrate the device during these service appointments to guarantee accurate testing.

  • About our fuel cell sensor

    Autosense International uses an Alcohol on breath sensor specialists develop and manufacture sensors that meet over 95% of the world's alcohol sensor needs, Fuel Cell Sensor is highly sensitive to alcoholic gasses and gives rapid response when submitted to them.

  • About our GPS feature

    SOME STATES REQUIRED Autosense device uses an embedded GPS module to acquired device location, and google maps display the information. On the web portal, the location is displayed using Google Maps. Google is not only familiar to many; it also offers the most accurate map and cell database in the industry. Their enterprise grade mapping and geo-location API's ensure high availability and scalability unmatched by any other mapping provider in the industry.

  • About Our Camera and Wireless Camera

    No. The device has a back-up lithium battery to protect the data log's memory.Autosense plans to make a staged introduction of the wireless camera version, as NHTSA certification for business growth. Two of the fifty plus states demand that the BAIID supplier have a Camera attachment and Autosense has develop this feature also preferably, so that the customer would better utilized with the Camera Option. In case of states where a camera is not required, Autosense also developed the BAIID without the camera, however the goal is to have the overall integrated design and unit tested and certified under NHTSA - 2013 standards, with the camera option. Due to competitive reasons, installers prefer to have the unit installed in 15 to 20 minutes window.

  • About our text message (SMS)

    The monitoring portal features automated text messaging (short message service). Send text as a reminder for monitoring service required by DMV or Court Order every 1 -2 months.

  • About Cellular Performance

    After rigorous testing process, Autosense International was approved as autorized partner, Autosense uses the reconized company wireless network to ensure the wireless capability of the Autosense Device is not compromised by network coverage

  • About Accuracy and Secure

    The Autosense System is accurate and programmable with tamper-resistant vehicle ignition interlock. Breath Alcohol content (BrAC) accurately measured from 4- seconds breath sample. Display shows % BrAC with PASS or FAIL indicator. Is BrAC is below present safety level, normal vehicle ignition is permitted. If BrAC exceeds present level, ignition is automatically prevented. If BrAC fail, customer is alowed to provide a new breath sample almost inmediatly . Cheating attempts, bypass are detected and test invalidated. Accuracy backed by in-house Alcohol Standards Laboratory. Label warning to prevent tampering the system

  • About the Memory

    The Autosense System electronically stores test results Date and time of all tests and all events. Percent of BrAC, location, text messaging, picture. Record of all attempt to circumvent to tamper with the system Print out of test results available for case-load management

  • About Our Cloud Storage

    The Cloud-based monitoring portal is hosted by an industry gold standard for companies who require high availability hosting solutions.

  • Convenient

    The Autosense System is easily installed without alteration to cosmetics, mechanics or electronics of vehicle, 1 hour regular cars. The Autosense System is installed lest than hour, serviced and calibrated by Autosense Authorized installation facilities NO NEED TO WAIT HOURS AT DEALERS LOCATION. Quick and simple, the complete test procedure takes less than 10 seconds, easy test that becomes routine.