Breathalyzer Devices also commonly referred as Breath Alcohol Ignition interlock Devices (BAIIDs or IIDs)

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Autosense International device Alco-lock Ultimate, utilize alcohol specific fuel-cell sensor technology. This sensor is highly accurate and prevents false positives or false negatives. The breath analyzer Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) is wired into the vehicle’s ignition system. The installation will not damage the any kind of vehicle. The BAIID measures the alcohol in your breath sample and allows you to start your vehicle if it is below the set point at your state. The BAIID, usually comfortable size, and also requires periodic retests while the vehicle is running. The BAIID system keeps a running log of activities including test results, engine starts and vehicle run times, attempts to bypass, with accurate reports can be delivered to any required monitoring authorities. The ignition interlock records every activity a participant recorded interactions include activity, time, date, and BAC level. If DUI program violations are detected, additional sanctions may be implemented to the participants. Most jurisdictions require participants to bring in their vehicle to be calibrated on the time was set at your state, if is any attempts to tamper with the BAIID, it is required to report to the proper court or monitoring authorities. The BAIID remind participants of service appointments due. Once the ignition interlock program is satisfactory completed, the BAIID is removed and return the vehicle to its original condition.